gettin’ dirty in the garden


*These three pieces are currently showing at Good Eye Gallery in LA (4538 N.Eagle Rock Blvd), until March 15, 2015


“Blossom”, “Prick”, and “Succulent”… yep, three kitschy new collages that mix vintage porn and vintage gardening images, because everyone knows how seamlessly those two subjects go together… ?  I did these for a show called “Love Me or Leaf Me” that will be going up in LA later this spring. They’re really weird, but I kinda love them.

ps. Any artist that uses an exacto blade as their main tool… I am in awe of you! {I usually just use scissors, but a few of these tricky corners required an exacto knife. Just thankful I still have all of my finger tips!}

assignments are fun


Yes they are! I was invited by Melanie Biehle of Inward Facing Girl, and Sandra Harris of Raincoast Creative Salon to take part in their new creative project called…


And so, of course, I contributed! The first assignment was in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first show at the Armory in New York. Melanie and Sandra gave the ten contributors three images to choose from as inspiration. I chose a 1912 painting by John Marin titled “Woolworth Building No.31″… here’s his painting, and my resulting collage:


As soon as I saw Marin’s painting, the colors instantly reminded me of ice cream… or frozen yogurt, so I went with that! I’ve been doing a lot of “stacked” collages lately and I’m having so much fun with them. My first thought was to stack the Woolworth building over and over, but decided to add a little bit of that ice cream feel I had the moment I saw the starting image. And the result… a wildberry Woolworth cone!

If you want to take part in this challenge, you can sign up right here. Do it… assignments are fun!

new york new york



New York stack! This was made for Joanna Goddard {aka blogger at a cup of jo} for her New York apartment. I’m working on a few other cities {and more of NYC} as we speak… thinking of selling them as prints… ?

kitty stacks … and two stacked stacks


So, I was in LA a couple of weeks ago with super designer/stylist Emily Henderson hanging an art show. We got talking about my stacks. She’s a big cat lover so I thought it would be hilarious to stack some cats for her. So I did. This first piece has been packed up and sent to Emily:


I kinda loved it… and I’m a dog person! So I just kept going, and here’s the result:


* a couple of these are available as prints, here.

But it didn’t stop there! While at the used book store I came across a little vintage porn {as you do from time to time}. Of course, I had no choice but to do a “stacked stack”… AND this first one keeps with the cat theme! It’s called “Here, kitty kitty” for obvious reasons:


Now those are some real women! Love it! Ok… more stacking is happening. I’m planning on putting all of these up in my Etsy shop, but I’m also talking to a printer re: making affordable prints. Stay tuned!

“organizing elizabeth”


First I stacked the cactus, and now these:


I’ve started giving myself  little assignments. The latest one is this:

“Go to the thrift shop and buy one book. Only one. Come home and make 6 collages with it.”

Yep, I found a book on Queen Elizabeth! I love the methodical/type-A-ness of cutting out these tiny heads, and then organizing them in a way that makes sense. A chin balanced just so on a feather covered hat, an elbow resting precariously on a diamond tiara. It’s like a puzzle that I don’t seem to get tired of putting together. So anyway, my little thrift shop assignment is how this work came about, and now I’m slightly obsessed with Queen Elizabeth. Weird. I was always more of a Diana kind-o-girl, but there’s something about Elizabeth’s face that I like. Anyway, I plan on continuing with this series, and am currently trying to figure out how to make them into prints. Any suggestions?

a cozy cabin in california


So, as promised, here is the painting I did for my friend Autumn Reeser. She is pregnant with her second son, and she’s doing an outdoorsy/cute forest type theme for the room. Lots of aquas, beiges, greys, creams, and pops of orangie-red! She didn’t think a forest theme would be complete without a drawing of their family cabin, and so she asked me to make it for her! I, of course, was honored. This is where it started:


And then, it turned into this:


Aqua, cream, and orangie-red… check! I decided to turn the pine trees into birch trees (with Autumn’s blessing) so that I could get the cream in there! I did this one on a piece of paper from a vintage gardening book… seemed appropriate. It’s now in Autumn’s hands and will be framed and hung on her son’s wall,  as soon as she starts nesting : )

{ps. my Etsy shop is called “cross street”}



so… i’ve been in my head a lot lately, instead of the studio. lots of ideas that are constantly being second guessed – until now. i decided it was time to stop planning, and thinking, and well, obsessing – and instead, time to just get back to the basics… back to making art because it’s fun, and that’s it. i went to the thrift shop (my home away from home) and bought one book. i came home, cut it up with good old fashioned scissors, and glued the pieces onto thick, white watercolor paper. done. it felt amazing!!! my family hasn’t seen me in days (i’m cutting and gluing every free moment that i have), and this is the result … i’ve titled the series, “growth”, because i had a little bit of it over the last few days (and also because they’re plants… but you got that, right!?)









i think i must have a touch of OCD because stacking these little plants was incredibly satisfying to me (oh, and there are more stacks of stuff on their way… some plants, some not). ok. back to cutting up old books.

*the second one above is available as a print, here.

let me draw your house {or car}


So, I’m doing it! Drawing houses and cars for people… and I love it! I thought I’d share my first two commissions with you – one house in LA, and one very old/badass car.

This house is the rental home of Emily Henderson {HGTV host, and super stylist in LA}. She kinda hates it, and is in the process of looking for a house to buy and make her own. However, lots of amazing things have happened to her, and her husband Brian {and soon to be baby boy!} in this house, so she wanted to have a little something to remember it by. She told me she loves aqua, and hot pink… but hates the actual pink of the house. So this is what I made. Thankfully she loved it – and I had a ridiculous amount of fun making it for her!


Ok. Up  next. My first commission for a complete stranger. Jenn contacted me via my Etsy shop, Cross Street, and asked if I’d draw a 1970ish Satellite Sebring for her partner Dee’s birthday. She sent me this starting photo, asked for aqua and hot pink {hm… I’m sensing a trend here!}, and requested a bit of embroidery:


I loved working on this, and I’m happy to report that Dee loved it too… note the tiny “DEE”  license plate : )

I’m just about to start on a piece for the lovely and talented Autumn Reeser {if you watched The OC, or Hawaii 5-0, or Last Resort you might have a bit of a fan-girl moment like I did!}. Over the last year and half {after I got over the fact that I was tweeting back and forth with The OC’s “Taylor Townsend”} Autumn and I have become really wonderful friends… so when she asked me to draw/paint her family’s cabin for her new baby boy’s nursery, I was beyond honored. When it’s finished I’ll post it here!

{if you want me to draw your house, or car, please visit my Etsy shop, “cross street”}

houses. lots of houses. part II.



i’ve decided to do a whole series of houses, but this time, they’re going to be homes of friends {instead of strangers}. i started with my new house, and am working my way through the lovely homes of my lovely friends. if all goes well, my plan is to open an etsy shop where you can commission me to draw/paint your house! let’s see where this goes, shall we? {THIS JUST IN:  the shop is open! do you want me to draw your house, or car, because i’ll totally do it!}

alleglory… on frankie!



Whoa! So exciting! My work from “alleglory” was featured on Frankie Magazine’s blog! Just to put this in context, Frankie is one of my most favorite magazines, so I’m sort of beyond thrilled to be featured! YAY!!!