(old work) 12 weeks… that changed everything



In the Spring of 2008 I finally decided that it was time. A friend had told me repeatedly that I should read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She swore it would change my entire outlook on my artwork, life etc. So, I bought the last copy at a bookstore downtown and did a quick flip through. I cried twice during the intro. I knew this was going to be hard… sort of like picking at a scab that you’d rather just leave alone, but I also knew that if I really wanted to move forward with my work then I had to do something.

If you follow the book exactly it ends up being a 12 week course that you put yourself through, with tasks and assignments that need to be completed before reading the next chapter. I did it. I did it all. I was very disciplined about the whole thing (there’s that Type A thing raising it’s head again!). I even added a weekly challenge for myself. I decided to do one 4″x4″ painting for each of the 12 weeks. It was amazing that no matter what, a new theme or lesson seemed to emerge every week. I’d start out on the Monday thinking ‘uh, oh… I’ve got nothing’, but by the end of the week it was totally clear in my mind. And the great thing was I couldn’t over think, or over work them because I didn’t have time. I was on to the next week’s assignments and had to finish up and move along. Perfect. It taught me just to produce, produce, produce. Some would be great… some wouldn’t. But who cares! They don’t all have to be masterpieces. Sometimes they’re just thought starters, a place to practice a new technique, or a direct path to a happy accident. Anyway, these are them (12 + 1, because I ended up doing a throw away one that I just couldn’t throw away!).