CARDED show {january 2009}



Everything says ‘Hello’, mixed media on canvas, 2008

I was so thrilled to be chosen as one of the artists for CARDED last winter… and it was a crazy fun night. 50 cards by 50 artists hung on the walls of Little Mountain Gallery. For $5 you got 5 random cards from the show. You then spent the whole night wheelin’ & dealin’ with strangers for the ones you really, really wanted. It was the first art show I’ve ever been to that you don’t just end up standing in a corner, drinking wine, and talking to the 2 people you came with. It was literally elbow to elbow, and so much fun. The deadline is coming up for the 2010 show, that will be held at Jacana Gallery on Granville St.South. I’ve already finished by submission and I’m hoping that I’ll get in again… stay tuned.