sketchbook {summer 09}



I am a bit scared of sketchbooks. I always want to do everything perfectly… even rough sketches. Stupid, I know. But then this summer I discovered an American artist named Martha Rich. Her sketchbook is amazing! Thick with paint, weird ideas (that may, or may not go anywhere), and mistakes. I was totally inspired. I rushed out and got a beautiful, expensive, clean sketchbook… and didn’t touch it. It was too perfect. I didn’t want to ruin it. After I stared at it for about a month, I left it on it’s shelf and hit the thrift store. I found three volumes of Woman’s Day ~ Encyclopedia of Cookery for fifty cents each. Sold! I spent the rest of the summer slapping paint over the jellied ham recipes and didn’t care what happened. Above are a few of the pages. Ah, sweet relief. Thank you Martha ~ xo