new series: prom night



I am having so much fun with this series! I grew up in the 80’s and went to my fair share of proms… in a bunch of really bad dresses, with some very big hair. In fact, I started these paintings using my own prom pictures, but it just felt, well weird, and a little too personal. However, when I found this couple I knew I’d discovered the perfect 80’s prom muses! I loved prom because of the build-up. What would you wear, who would ask you, what might “happen” {first kisses, first “time” etc.}… but I’m going to put money on the fact that for most couples, the reality of the evening wasn’t nearly as spectacular as the expectations. I think this couple would agree.

1) “69″  2) “cold fish” + close-up  3) “quickies”

p.s Again, I started playing around with painting on old book pages thanks to American artist Martha Rich. I tend to be quite afraid of ruining canvases, and by using pages of old books from the thrift store, I don’t feel nearly as precious about the work… thank you Martha, so, so much! I also love how she pulls out the most hilarious bits of text from the old books, so for this series I’ve tried that too. Don’t worry, I know this is Martha’s thing…  I’m just using her as inspiration as I find my own way {none of these prom pieces are for sale for that reason}