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alleglory… on frankie!



Whoa! So exciting! My work from “alleglory” was featured on Frankie Magazine’s blog! Just to put this in context, Frankie is one of my most favorite magazines, so I’m sort of beyond thrilled to be featured! YAY!!!

alleglory, in seattle


I have a solo show happening right now in Seattle at Assemble! So excited. The show is called “alleglory”, which translates to “stories from my glory days”. The opening was last Friday night, but they’ll be up til Christmas {and if you’re not in Seattle, you can see them on Assemble’s site!}

This is my favorite piece in the show. It’s titled “Michelle Nielsen got a tiara, flowers, and the title of Blossom Princess. I got fourth place.” True story.


{Everything is the show is personal imagery, gouache, and embroidery thread on watercolor paper.}

me, a 7″ vinyl, and ben kweller



Oh, internet… you make so many crazy things possible. I was contacted by Austin based musician Ben Kweller last week {well, his wife Liz, actually}… they want to use my piece, titled “Barbara did not respond well to  name calling”, for the cover of a new 7″ vinyl single that he’s putting out. WHAT?!?!  I’ll post the final album cover when it’s ready. Thank you internet… and Liz & Ben!

ice cream bears, avocado lime pie & houses



Ahh, I love mornings at the studio! I had a bunch of these just waiting for final touches (you know, embroidered pasties and whatnot).

{1.we all scream for ice cream (SOLD) 2. avocado lime pie 3. avocado desserts house  4. ham or shrimp house (SOLD)}

bears… that yell



I just finished these yesterday, and I kinda love them. I used that bear in my sketchbook almost two years ago, and I’ve wanted to do something with him ever since, just not sure what… until a few days ago!

{1. Aperitif  (SOLD) 2. Barbara did not respond well to name calling}

chopped celery & johnnycake



Ah, my little girl scout. I’m having lots of fun with these… not sure how many more I’ll do, but these are two that I finished today.

{1. Chopped celery (SOLD)   2. She’d never get her baking badge after what happened to Johnny}

prom night {ongoing series}



… and, the prom night series continues. I posted the first few pieces last fall. They’re about the ‘sexpectations’ that went along with prom… what might ‘happen’ {first kisses, first ‘time’ etc.} mixed with the reality of what actually happened. Let’s just say I had my share of experiences, not to mention a bunch of bad dresses, and a few pretty huge corsages* – thanks Randy. Yes. I went to prom with someone named Randy.

*I’ve done a bit of embroidery on a few of the corsages, just to make them extra big!

{1. Rub once  2. tongue  3. halfway  4. 3 minutes }

houses. lots of houses.



Ok, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my love for suburban houses before. I worked them into a few pieces a year or two ago, and now they’re back… on paper instead of canvas. Ah, much better! I’ve been playing around with embroidery on the bushes, and maybe on the roofs… still thinking about that. Pretty happy about The Schnitzels though – I’d love to move into their little home on top of that gooey bundt cake.

antipasto party



1960s . Owls. Antipasto party. Enough said.

‘you were here’ series



These pieces are all from my mixed media series You Were Here. I’m trying to be more eco-conscious, so instead of buying fresh new white canvases, I’ve been searching through thrift shops for old ‘Bob Ross-esque’ landscapes to insert my childhood photos into. I’ve been trying, through all sorts of mediums and imagery, to convey a sense of nostalgia and childhood memories… and I think, with this series, that I’m finally there. What I do know for sure is that I haven’t enjoyed making art this much, well, ever… so that alone is a victory. My favourite piece is the girl scout, complete with God’s Eye embroidery… a must-have craft at every girl scout camp-out.

*lots more to come in this series… i’ll post them as soon as they’re finished.