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kitty stacks … and two stacked stacks


So, I was in LA a couple of weeks ago with super designer/stylist Emily Henderson hanging an art show. We got talking about my stacks. She’s a big cat lover so I thought it would be hilarious to stack some cats for her. So I did. This first piece has been packed up and sent to Emily:


I kinda loved it… and I’m a dog person! So I just kept going, and here’s the result:


* a couple of these are available as prints, here.

But it didn’t stop there! While at the used book store I came across a little vintage porn {as you do from time to time}. Of course, I had no choice but to do a “stacked stack”… AND this first one keeps with the cat theme! It’s called “Here, kitty kitty” for obvious reasons:


Now those are some real women! Love it! Ok… more stacking is happening. I’m planning on putting all of these up in my Etsy shop, but I’m also talking to a printer re: making affordable prints. Stay tuned!

GIRL series {2003-2004}



A few pieces from my mixed media series titled GIRL (Japanese paper, metal lettering, latex paint, pencil, panties and plexiglass on canvas.)

I had a solo show in Toronto, Spring 2004, that featured about 20 pieces similar to these. Most of them sold, but I do have a few still hanging up on my walls at home… which is rare. I find it hard to look at my own work every single day. Here is the show description:

These paintings are an exploration of my feelings about the special relationship between girls, and the lack there of, as we get older and grow apart due to new priorities. The closeness that girls have between the ages of 6 and 13 can rarely ever be found later in life. It is a time for constant togetherness, secret sharing, sleepovers,  and helping each other grow up.

In the Mary-Jane shoe paintings, some of the shoes are separated by gaps in the canvases, representing the space that separates us now. Other paintings feature panties under glass, like butterflies in a museum, preserving a time that is now somewhat lost, but never forgotten.