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gettin’ dirty in the garden


*These three pieces are currently showing at Good Eye Gallery in LA (4538 N.Eagle Rock Blvd), until March 15, 2015


“Blossom”, “Prick”, and “Succulent”… yep, three kitschy new collages that mix vintage porn and vintage gardening images, because everyone knows how seamlessly those two subjects go together… ?  I did these for a show called “Love Me or Leaf Me” that will be going up in LA later this spring. They’re really weird, but I kinda love them.

ps. Any artist that uses an exacto blade as their main tool… I am in awe of you! {I usually just use scissors, but a few of these tricky corners required an exacto knife. Just thankful I still have all of my finger tips!}

assignments are fun


Yes they are! I was invited by Melanie Biehle of Inward Facing Girl, and Sandra Harris of Raincoast Creative Salon to take part in their new creative project called…


And so, of course, I contributed! The first assignment was in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first show at the Armory in New York. Melanie and Sandra gave the ten contributors three images to choose from as inspiration. I chose a 1912 painting by John Marin titled “Woolworth Building No.31″… here’s his painting, and my resulting collage:


As soon as I saw Marin’s painting, the colors instantly reminded me of ice cream… or frozen yogurt, so I went with that! I’ve been doing a lot of “stacked” collages lately and I’m having so much fun with them. My first thought was to stack the Woolworth building over and over, but decided to add a little bit of that ice cream feel I had the moment I saw the starting image. And the result… a wildberry Woolworth cone!

If you want to take part in this challenge, you can sign up right here. Do it… assignments are fun!

alleglory… on frankie!



Whoa! So exciting! My work from “alleglory” was featured on Frankie Magazine’s blog! Just to put this in context, Frankie is one of my most favorite magazines, so I’m sort of beyond thrilled to be featured! YAY!!!

alleglory, in seattle


I have a solo show happening right now in Seattle at Assemble! So excited. The show is called “alleglory”, which translates to “stories from my glory days”. The opening was last Friday night, but they’ll be up til Christmas {and if you’re not in Seattle, you can see them on Assemble’s site!}

This is my favorite piece in the show. It’s titled “Michelle Nielsen got a tiara, flowers, and the title of Blossom Princess. I got fourth place.” True story.


{Everything is the show is personal imagery, gouache, and embroidery thread on watercolor paper.}

nashville bound, baby!






These are two of my most recent pieces. I can’t seem to get enough of nude ladies from the 60s?! Oh well, I actually like them quite a bit, so I’ll keep on going. Both pieces are mixed media collage on watercolor paper. Oh, speaking of paper, these original pieces are on their way to Nashville… yes, Nashville!  Why? Well, I’m lucky enough to be part of an online art collective/gallery called Paper House Press. I am so thrilled, and honored, to have been asked to be on this amazing roster of artists. Thank you to the founder & curator, Brian Downey. THANK YOU!


the cheaper show no.10 – 2011



Whoa. I got into The Cheaper Show. Very, very happy. Ok, now to decide which pieces I’m putting in… any thoughts?

hot one inch action 2010



“First KISS, Prom ’86”

Yet another super fun night at Hot One Inch Action this year! This was my entry… an ode to my high school experience, and a continuation of my “prom series” (see the last post). Let’s just say, I went to more than one prom during the 80’s with a guy who loved KISS. The result? A one inch pin that I traded wildly at Gallery Gachet in Vancouver over twenty years after the fact!

hot one inch action {nov. 2009}



Oh, Hot One Inch Action… the most fun you’ll ever have at an art show. My piece, titled Mary and Lamont Had It All, was in the show this past November and I was thrilled. The same guys (Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen) who do the CARDED show throw this event as well, and they never disappoint. It was an amazing night of hot one inch button trading action, and as a bonus, I was actually really happy with my submission. Wouldn’t change a thing… imagine that?!

CARDED show {january 2009}



Everything says ‘Hello’, mixed media on canvas, 2008

I was so thrilled to be chosen as one of the artists for CARDED last winter… and it was a crazy fun night. 50 cards by 50 artists hung on the walls of Little Mountain Gallery. For $5 you got 5 random cards from the show. You then spent the whole night wheelin’ & dealin’ with strangers for the ones you really, really wanted. It was the first art show I’ve ever been to that you don’t just end up standing in a corner, drinking wine, and talking to the 2 people you came with. It was literally elbow to elbow, and so much fun. The deadline is coming up for the 2010 show, that will be held at Jacana Gallery on Granville St.South. I’ve already finished by submission and I’m hoping that I’ll get in again… stay tuned.

GIRL series {2003-2004}



A few pieces from my mixed media series titled GIRL (Japanese paper, metal lettering, latex paint, pencil, panties and plexiglass on canvas.)

I had a solo show in Toronto, Spring 2004, that featured about 20 pieces similar to these. Most of them sold, but I do have a few still hanging up on my walls at home… which is rare. I find it hard to look at my own work every single day. Here is the show description:

These paintings are an exploration of my feelings about the special relationship between girls, and the lack there of, as we get older and grow apart due to new priorities. The closeness that girls have between the ages of 6 and 13 can rarely ever be found later in life. It is a time for constant togetherness, secret sharing, sleepovers,  and helping each other grow up.

In the Mary-Jane shoe paintings, some of the shoes are separated by gaps in the canvases, representing the space that separates us now. Other paintings feature panties under glass, like butterflies in a museum, preserving a time that is now somewhat lost, but never forgotten.