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a few finished… studies?



There I am in the studio! Ahh, love it there. Anywho, here are a few finished studies… at least they were going to be studies, but now I like them so much that they might be final pieces on paper that get framed. I tried recreating “the final pieces” on canvas, but there’s something really nice about the old book pages that you can’t get on a fresh, brand new, canvas. Martha Rich’s sketchbook was the inspiration behind trying this, and now I love her even more! I hope she doesn’t mind… it’s just such a great way of creating work without feeling so precious about it. So freeing. Thanks Martha!

I’ve been using the “God’s eye” embroidery, back from my Brownie days, to represent people in my life that are gone, but not forgotten. My grandmother, my great grandmother, and me as a little girl.

{titles: 1) Miscellaneous Apricot (SOLD)  2) Helen would never get her sewing badge after this debacle 3) Untitled  4) Blanche}

in progress at the studio



I rode my bike down to the studio last Saturday… it was amazing from start to finish. A lovely bike ride complete with blue skies, a family of oreo cows, and paint cans in my jaunty basket! All of this was followed by an iced chai latte and an afternoon of making stuff! Here are a few pieces on paper that are currently in progress. I’m really liking them… not sure how to frame them though?

studio space {that’s not in my house!}


i got a studio space… and i love it more than i can describe! the first time i went to work there, i cried… twice. i was so overjoyed to have creative time all to myself. hours in fact! i’ve been going every weekend for at least 4 hours and it’s been fan-freakin’-tastic. my work is really coming along! it’s amazing what you can do when you actually have the time to play around with ideas. anywho, that’s where i’m off to this morning! cannot wait!!! i’ll take some photos today and put them up tomorrow.