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the cheaper show no.10 – 2011



Whoa. I got into The Cheaper Show. Very, very happy. Ok, now to decide which pieces I’m putting in… any thoughts?

ice cream bears, avocado lime pie & houses



Ahh, I love mornings at the studio! I had a bunch of these just waiting for final touches (you know, embroidered pasties and whatnot).

{1.we all scream for ice cream (SOLD) 2. avocado lime pie 3. avocado desserts house  4. ham or shrimp house (SOLD)}

chopped celery & johnnycake



Ah, my little girl scout. I’m having lots of fun with these… not sure how many more I’ll do, but these are two that I finished today.

{1. Chopped celery (SOLD)   2. She’d never get her baking badge after what happened to Johnny}

prom night {ongoing series}



… and, the prom night series continues. I posted the first few pieces last fall. They’re about the ‘sexpectations’ that went along with prom… what might ‘happen’ {first kisses, first ‘time’ etc.} mixed with the reality of what actually happened. Let’s just say I had my share of experiences, not to mention a bunch of bad dresses, and a few pretty huge corsages* – thanks Randy. Yes. I went to prom with someone named Randy.

*I’ve done a bit of embroidery on a few of the corsages, just to make them extra big!

{1. Rub once  2. tongue  3. halfway  4. 3 minutes }

houses. lots of houses.



Ok, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my love for suburban houses before. I worked them into a few pieces a year or two ago, and now they’re back… on paper instead of canvas. Ah, much better! I’ve been playing around with embroidery on the bushes, and maybe on the roofs… still thinking about that. Pretty happy about The Schnitzels though – I’d love to move into their little home on top of that gooey bundt cake.

hot one inch action 2010



“First KISS, Prom ’86”

Yet another super fun night at Hot One Inch Action this year! This was my entry… an ode to my high school experience, and a continuation of my “prom series” (see the last post). Let’s just say, I went to more than one prom during the 80’s with a guy who loved KISS. The result? A one inch pin that I traded wildly at Gallery Gachet in Vancouver over twenty years after the fact!

hot one inch action {nov. 2009}



Oh, Hot One Inch Action… the most fun you’ll ever have at an art show. My piece, titled Mary and Lamont Had It All, was in the show this past November and I was thrilled. The same guys (Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen) who do the CARDED show throw this event as well, and they never disappoint. It was an amazing night of hot one inch button trading action, and as a bonus, I was actually really happy with my submission. Wouldn’t change a thing… imagine that?!

sketchbook {summer 09}



I am a bit scared of sketchbooks. I always want to do everything perfectly… even rough sketches. Stupid, I know. But then this summer I discovered an American artist named Martha Rich. Her sketchbook is amazing! Thick with paint, weird ideas (that may, or may not go anywhere), and mistakes. I was totally inspired. I rushed out and got a beautiful, expensive, clean sketchbook… and didn’t touch it. It was too perfect. I didn’t want to ruin it. After I stared at it for about a month, I left it on it’s shelf and hit the thrift store. I found three volumes of Woman’s Day ~ Encyclopedia of Cookery for fifty cents each. Sold! I spent the rest of the summer slapping paint over the jellied ham recipes and didn’t care what happened. Above are a few of the pages. Ah, sweet relief. Thank you Martha ~ xo

suburban houses ♥



I love suburban houses. Love them. I’m not totally sure why. Maybe they make me feel like a kid again. Safe, playing in a back yard, coming in for lunch. I haven’t lived in a house with a backyard since I was a kid, so that must be it. I especially love homes built right after WW2. My grandmother and great-grandmother both lived in houses from this time period and any time I even drive past one I imagine what the interior looks, and smells, like. These are a few sketches from this past Summer. I was slightly obsessed with these houses and spent hours driving around, taking snap shots and then drawing them in pen. Not sure where these are going, but I don’t think I’m done with them yet.

i’ve been a dog all day



I love vintage storybooks, but that kind of imagery is everywhere, so I wanted to put a bit of a twist on it. Of course, hand-drawn (applied over solid colour blocking) storybook children, with animal heads. Here’s how I got there: I love the complete immersion into imagination when you’re a kid. You can pretend that you’re a bear or a dog for an entire day… and totally commit to the part. Ok, starting to feel like I might be on to something… not quite there yet, but we’ll see where this goes.

*update: so, here we are a couple of years later… it turns out that I had no idea that animal heads on human bodies are literally EVERYWHERE! ok, moving on…